Staffing Industry Analysts awards the Top 25 Staffing Leaders in Latin America

18, February

In Latin America, staffing companies offer many of the same services provided in the US and other developed ...

In Latin America, staffing companies offer many of the same services provided in the US and other developed markets. But there are notable differences. By developing the Latin America 25, Staffing Industry Analysts hopes to showcase those individuals working to develop talent in a complex market.

The honorees strive to channel the talent against a backdrop of complex regulations. There is not much coordination among Latin American countries in terms of regulations, banking and currency restrictions etc. This, along with the large “informal economy,” can make it hard for companies to do business.

Similar to the North America and Europe Staffing 100 lists, this list is not a ranking. Congratulations to those influencers who made the list.

Top 25 Most Influential People in Latin America Staffing Market 2019


Mónica Flores

President of ManpowerGroup Latin America and of the Foundation ManpowerGroup. Flores has participated in different business and government councils, educational institutions, including two sessions of the World Economic Forum LATAM: Education of Tomorrow, The Post Manufacturing Economy y Technology, Skills and Mentoring, developed in Sao Paulo. She is an advisor at the STEM Movement, as well as a member of the Board of Junior Achievement. She has been president of AMECH and given lectures in several forums linked to the Industry, and is the current president of the American Chamber of Commerce of Mexico. Once again, she was chosen as one of the 2018 Global Power 100 Women in Staffing.

Andrea Avila 

Andrea Ávila, CEO of Randstad Argentina and Uruguay. Ávila is also the local representative for the United Nations Global Compact for the 2017/2018 period, and treasurer of the board of the Argentina Chamber of Specialized Business Services (CASEEC). She is a lawyer and has developed an extensive career in the industry, where she is an unquestionable model. This year, she was a keynote speaker at the Women’s Empowerment Principles Annual Forum in New York. Randstad was a sponsor and co-chair of the B20 Employment and Education task force, and Andrea was a speaker at the B20 Business Leaders Forum held in Neuquén, Argentina.


Vander Morales

He was re-elected as President of Sindeprestem and Fenaserhtt during 2017. He is an unquestionable example and expert of the industry in Brazil. He is the person that the press turns to and has an active presence in negotiations with the government, parliament and unions. In fact, this year Mr. Morales was one of the key actors during the negotiations that resulted into the historic Brazilian labor reform. Under his lead, the Brazilian staffing and outsourcing industry achieved a regulatory framework that fits the needs of more modern and dynamic labour market.


Edmundo Escobar

Vice-President of Rolling Personnel and President of the Mexican Associations of Human Capital Firms (AMECH).  Lawyer with a vast experience in the industry in Mexico. He has an active presence in ILO and WEC. During 2018, he held work meeting with the SAT, SHCP, ILO REFRAME, INFONAVIT, and IMSS, where several issues linked to the industry were discussed. Escobar also participated in the ILO meetings for: “REFRAME Project 2017”, focused on hiring migrants; the 19th American Regional Meeting “Preparing for the Future of Work we want”. A few years ago, he wrote the book “Regulatory Frameworks for Private Employment Agencies in Latin America”, together with Martin Padulla.


Francisco Martinez Domene

CEO of Adecco Argentina. Martínez started his professional career in 1996 in Adecco Group, as Director of the Badalona delegation in Barcelona, Spain. Later on, he joined the Commercial Direction of Spain as Director of Large Accounts Retail-Commercial Distribution. In 2000, Martínez was promoted as Regional Director of Spain, position he held until 2015 when he became General Director of Adecco Chile. Starting March 1st 2017, he arrived at Argentina to lead Adecco’s business in the country.

In a very short period of time, he managed to become a key voice in the Argentinian employment industry. He participates in chambers, negotiations with the government, and in forums developed by international organizations.

In 2018 year, under his leadership, the brand SPRING was launched in Argentina and Uruguay. He has also developed initiatives of public-private collaboration in Argentina together with the Ministry of Labour, Employment and Social Security, and the Ministry of Modernization, and was a participant at the B20 task force on Employment and Education.


Mario Mora

Young Entrepreneur, CEO & Founder of, an awarded platform that connects students and young professionals with the best companies to work in Chile and Colombia. Mr. Mora is also a mentor at NTXP Labs and Startup Chile, and a member of Global Shapers Community, an initiative of the World Economic Forum. His business has expansion plans in the entire region and has become model of reference regarding professional practices, apprenticeships and first jobs.

This year, his team managed to expand the Employers for Youth survey in Chile, Colombia, Argentina, Peru and Mexico. In addition, FirstJob has a positive impact in labour quality of young professional in over 300 companies.


Miguel Perez Garcia

Executive President of the Colombian Association of Staffing Firms (ACOSET) and current President of WEC Latin America. He is a lawyer with a broad experience in the industry, he is the representative of the Industry in the social dialogue in national and international forums. He has been participating in ILO and WEC meetings for years and has written books linked to temporary services in Colombia. This year, he was granted the award of Businessman 2018 by the Latin American Quality Institute.


Martin Padulla

Martin Padulla is the founder and managing director of staffingamericalatina. He has experience in the development of international companies in the region, and was Managing Director of the Latin American Confederation of Staffing Companies. He also is a consultant to the ILO, GAN and companies of different cultures, sizes and industries in the region. He is the author two books linked to the industry: “Flexible Labor in South America” and “Regulatory Frameworks for Private Employment Agencies in Latin America”, together with Edmundo Escobar. In 2018, he participated in several forums about the future of work in Europe and the United States. He is currently working on a new Project called FOWiberoamerica that shall be launched next March in Madrid, Spain. He is an active promoter of different forms of work as a mean for development.


Fausto Muñiz

Founder and president of GEPAE, he developed the main Multi-Latin group of the industry. With headquarters in Mexico and offices in 11 countries in America, PAE is going through an expansion process, and in 2018 it experienced an organic growth of 20%. Muñiz executes a solid leadership and has been able to create a professional top management team for the company’s growth in the region. Under his leadership, the first Global Digital Congress of Human Resources was organized, with nearly 9,000 participants and keynote speakers from 9 countries in 5 continents.  In addition, technological platforms were developed inhouse to enable human capital management in every organization, which have been implemented in LATAM.


Juan Pablo Chaustre

General Manager of Staffing de Colombia. He is an active member of ACOSET, and he was President of the Board of Directors of this organization. He has been a lecturer in national and regional conferences of the industry. He has over 15 years of experience and has been chosen to lead transformation processes in different companies

In 2018, he leaded and consolidated a successful business negotiation process with the Mexican group Human Access, enabling Staffing’s national and international expansion.


Felipe Cat

Founder and Director of Advice Consulting in Uruguay, member of the board of directors of Deres, and mentor at Endeavor. During 2018, he leaded the development of a new market for Advice in Asunción, Paraguay, where the company exceeded the profit level for sales expected, optimized its costs structure and made an alliance with the best university in Uruguay (IEEM – University of Montevideo) to develop Executive Education programs in Asuncion. In addition, Advice strengthened its leadership in the Global Payroll business, with the exclusive representation of ADP Streamline ( in Uruguay. ADP granted Advice an award as one of the top 4 partners in the world in terms of Compliance & Security.

Advice is continuously including digital solutions, innovation and new skills to improve the business management and profits. During 2018, it collaborated with nearly 12 non-government organizations, providing its expertise on labour markets, and helping vulnerable populations.


 Andres Cardemil

Founder & CEO of HumanNet. He is also a Director of the Chilean Association of Staffing Companies (AGEST) and member of ACOSET. Cardemil leads a company based on service and quality and he has expanded its operations from Chile to Colombia.

Under his leadership, HumanNet Colombia has grown around 80%, increasing its number of regional clients and expanding its portfolio of services. In addition, HumanNet Chile has consolidated its operations with the implementation of a pioneer technological platform for Documentary Control that includes an advanced electronic signature for both, labor and commercial contracts.

During 2018, he consolidated as an expert voice of the industry, with over 60 appearances and quotes in interviews and articles on labor market trends in the written press and TV.


Rocco Solimano

President of People and Solimano y Asociados, and member of the Board of Directors of ABE (Peruvian Association of Good Employers). Solimano is the second generation of the Human Capital Industry in Peru. He has built strong relationships with international clients and is a model in the Industry due to his knowledge and professionalism.

During 2018, he was the President of the Advisory Committee of the Annual Congress on People Management, and managed to bring Grupo Solimano to the international market through an association with the International English company Empresaria Group plc.

Javier Barba

CEO of Adecco Ecuador since November 2016, he has over 15 years of experience in the industry. He has been responsible for leading Adecco’s operations in a very difficult business environment, considering that, since 2008, policymakers in Ecuador have prohibited staffing and outsourcing services.

The new government administration is currently taking the first steps towards the implementation of a labour reform to develop a more modern and dynamic labour market in the country, a process in which Barba is an active voice and a trusted source of advice.

During 2018, under Barba’s leadership, Adecco Ecuador’s revenues grew 12%, and it is among the global Top 3 as one of the small and medium markets where the company is experiencing largest revenue growth rates.


Jorge Perez Izquierdo

CEO of GEPAE, he has over 30 years of experience in the staffing industry both in Latin America and North America. He has arrived at the company to support the company’s expansion.

Since his arrival to GEPAE, Mr. Izquierdo has promoted the development of corporate platforms that enable supporting the fast growth of the organization in a sustainable way. The creation of an Administration Council and the inclusion of corporate structures on a global level have helped to consolidate the value generated by the company in every global operation. Under his leadership, the companies has healthy financial record, which enable it to continue to grow in an organic and sustainable way, supporting the vision of GEPAE’s founder to make it the largest Latin American company in the continent.


Antonio Loureiro

CEO Conquest One. This entrepreneur leads an IT specialized staffing and outsourcing company in Brazil. He is a referent in terms of technological talent, and has an active presence in national, regional and international forums. He is also a permanent source of information for the Brazilian media. This year, his company had a revenues increase of 4%. Under his leadership, Conquest One has developed a partnership with WeWork. Other highlights include the company’s participation at the WebSummit 2018 in Portugal, the development of a startups focused on Human Resources acceleration project (CQ1Lab), and visits to accelerators and startups located in London, Shanghai, Tel Aviv, Lisboan, Boston and New York.


 Juan Fernando Jimenez

Director of Listos and member of the Board of Directors of ACOSET. He is the second generation in the staffing industry and has developed activities in other countries of the region. He had solid training in the United States and broad experience in the industry. Jimenez is an unquestionable model of the young staffing generation in Colombia.

During 2018, under his leadership, the company’s outsourcing business unit, Redvolution, started operating in Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic, Nicaragua and Peru, while the temporary work unit opened a new office in Zona América, Cali, Colombia, which made Listos the first staffing company in this major duty-free zone.

The company has also digitalized every recruiting process, and has managed to grow +13% when compared to 2018.


Federico Muttoni

Advice Consulting Director, Member of the Electoral Council Pérez Scremini Foundation and Mentor Endeavor Foundation. Labor Market Analyst. His company provides services of Executive Search, Recruitment and Assessment, Human Capital, Outsourcing and Payroll. He is an expert of the Industry in Uruguay and participates in forums and in media meetings.

During 2018, he established the Advice Labor Market Monitor as a benchmark in Uruguay to know how the demand for jobs evolves, obtaining extensive monthly coverage in the press (main newspapers, TV news and radio). The report measures, analyzes and anticipates trends in the demand for employment in Uruguay. Under his leadership, Advice has positioned itself as the leading consultant in Executive Search, Recruitment of Media Managers and Key Professionals in organizations that seek competitive advantages through people. It has grown in sales and profits in those segments, even though it operates in a market where employment does not grow for more than three years. Advice has been digitalized like never before and it does so continuously to anticipate a business whose rules have changed. The transformation does not only include technology, but also skills’ development, and management tools.


Giovanna Diaz Gil

Planning and development manager at S&A Servicios y Asesorias, a Colombian staffing firm that is among the 100 fastest growing companies in Colombia over the past 5 years and the 50 companies with largest revenue growth. She is also an active member of ACOSET.

This year, she managed to implement the company’s innovation system, and, as a result, create three new lines of services.


Alberto Alesi

Regional Director of Manpower Group for Central America and the Caribbean. Master in Business Administration (MBA) with more than 13 years of multicultural and dynamic work experience in the sale of human resources &technological services. Mr. Alesi is currently leading the development of an employment industry association in Central America and the Caribbean called APRODET, which in 2017 developed a formal meeting gathering 8 staffing companies, a number that grew to 23 companies in 2018. A new meeting is being organized for the beginning of 2019 in order to analyze advances and challenges for the upcoming year, and formalize the Panamanian association.

Manpower Group for Central America and the Caribbean was awarded by Top Companies among the Top 4 best companies to work for in the region in 2018.

Mr. Alesi frequently gives lectures and participates in forums linked to the industry.


Carlos Ramirez

Mr. Ramirez is CEO of Jobs, one of the most important staffing companies in Paraguay. He has a degree in Business Administration, a MBA by the National University of Asuncion, and a master’s degree in Human Resources Management by ADEN Business School/Euncet Business School-University of Catalunya Barcelonatech.

During 2018, Jobs Design Lab (JDL), the first innovation lab of Jobs, was created. Its goal is to promote and enhance every strategic, operational and transformational project and initiative. Under Ramirez leadership the company is also developing technological solutions for the recruiting process, as well as changes in the operational structure, going from a hierarchical to a circular structure, where professionals in multidisciplinary teams have multiple roles.

In addition, Jobs gained the exclusive representation in Paraguay of the platform GameLearn.


 Nelson Montoya

General Manager of Adecco Peru, he has over 14 years of experience in human resources, developed in different countries of Latin America, where he has worked as commercial and operations director at Adecco Brazil and Peru, and as country manager at Adecco Uruguay.

Montoya has an Administrative Sciences degree from the University of Lima, and a postgraduates degrees in Business Management from the IEEM Business School of Montevideo, in the Leadership Program from the IMD Business School in Switzerland, and in Sales Direction from the Technological Institute of Monterrey, Mexico.


Ruth Revolorio

CEO of The People Company, a Guatemalan company with over 20 years of experience in top level services in BPO, Staffing, and Facility Management with operations in Central America, Colombia, and, most recently, the United States. During 2018, operations in Colombia, Panama, and the United States grew 52%, 33%, and 15% respectively.


Isabel Arciniegas Manrique

Isabel Arciniegas Manrique is president of FOCUN, a Colombian business group that includes T&S Temservice SAS, a company she has been leading for 27 years as general manager. T&S Temservice, founded in 1989, provides resources for the human capital challenges that the group’s firms face in terms of temporary work. She is an active member of ACOSET, the Colombian national federation. She is a frequent attendee of global forums such as World Employment Confederation or ILO.

Arciniegas Manrique is an active member of ACOSET, the Colombian national federation. She is a frequent attendee of global forums such as World Employment Confederation or ILO.


Helena Ribeiro

Helena Ribeiro is CEO of Grupo empZ, one of the largest staffing firms in Brazil. She also serves as president of the Provider of the ESUP School, counselor of the Winning Women Brazil/Amcham, and leads the Strategic Business Affairs Committee – Amcham/Goiânia.  She is known as one of the strongest voices of female leadership in the industry. It is Ribeiro’s strong leadership and commitment that has kept Grupo empZ ahead of the competition.