#MovilizaciónPorElEmpleo (Mobilization for Employment) in Mexico in the face of the COVID-19 crisis

10, September

The Adecco Group Mexico launches an initiative in favor of employment, with the National Employment Service, the ...

The Adecco Group Mexico launches an initiative in favor of employment, with the National Employment Service, the main commercial chambers and associations and foundations in the country. 


  • A joint program with approximately 22 national chambers and associations, which will offer training and jobs throughout the country
  • Official figures indicate that the total decrease in employment from January to June equaled 921,583 positions 


The Adecco Group Mexico announced the launch of the national initiative, #MovilizaciónPorElEmpleo (Mobilization for Employment), a strategic alliance with the main organizations, business associations and foundations in Mexico; to help those whose employment was affected by the health crisis of COVID-19.

The initiative, which is comprised of around 22 business chambers and associations throughout the country, has the purpose of supporting work reintegration, and thereby promote economic reactivation in the various productive activities of Mexican society, through training and jobs, for those who were affected by the contingency. 

“At The Adecco Group Mexico, we think that it is time to join forces and generate actions that not only allow us to return to our daily tasks, within the new normal, but also provide an additional element for the economic reactivation of the country, and thereby benefit millions of people who are in a vulnerable state due to the consequences of this crisis ”, commented Francisco Martinez Domene, Director of The Adecco Group Mexico.

According to figures from the Mexican Institute of Social Security, as a consequence of the effects derived from the health emergency of COVID 19, the Mexican economy has lost more than 900 thousand jobs. In the month of June, 83,311 jobs disappeared; this decrease is added to those of March, April and May. Data from the institute indicate that the decrease in employment from January to June equals 921,583 jobs, of which 73 percent correspond to permanent jobs, when considering the positions created in the first months of the year.

Movilización por el Empleo (Mobilization for Employment)  is an initiative that, through a free online training program, as well as alliances with key players in the economic and productive sectors of the country, seeks to promote the massive reintegration of people into the workforce, inviting companies from essential and non-essential industries to join and share any vacant positions they may have, so that hundreds of people can access these job opportunities. All this through a website that will function as a training platform and a link between companies and people looking for a job opportunity.

“This is a great project for us, which is part of our business and social philosophy, and which is born from Adecco’s experience in the services it renders, its nationwide reach, its extensive candidate database, and its recognition as an industry leader. These elements can help us meet the needs of essential industries, while helping to reintegrate those workers from other non-essential sectors that were affected by Covid-19. It should be noted that this is a purely social initiative, which means that it is not for profit, since we intend for many companies to join and share with millions of people the job opportunities they have, so that we can reintegrate the largest number of people we can”, added Martinez Domene.

Movilización por el Empleo (Mobilization for Employment) is an initiative that the Swiss company is promoting in several countries in response to the pandemic, but whose spirit can match any future situation. It’s integrated by: Ministry of Labor and Social Welfare through the National Employment Service, Employers’ Confederation of the Mexican Republic, Swiss-Mexican Chamber of Commerce and Industry, American Chamber, Spanish Chamber of Commerce, Catalan Businessmen Club in Mexico, Mexican-German Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Mexican Association in Human Resources Management, Association of Industrial Relations Executives of the Bajio Region, Association of Industrial Relations Executives (AERI, for its initials in Spanish), Automotive Cluster of Queretaro, Franco-Mexican Chamber of Queretaro, National Chamber of Commerce, Services and Tourism from Tampico, Fundacion Paralife Mexico, Juntos Una Experiencia Compartida, Incubadora de Trabajo para Refugiados y Retornados (Work Incubator for Refugees and Returnees), Todos Somos Uno, Casa Gaviota, Cuauhtemoc City Hall, the Mexican Federation of LGBT Entrepreneurs, and Centro Universitario Incarnate Word.


For more information visit https://grupoadecco.com.mx/general/movilizacion-por-el-empleo/