Emerging and HHMC announce a strategic alliance

09, October

    The leading consulting specialists in M&A processes for the staffing, outsourcing, BPO, RPO and ...



The leading consulting specialists in M&A processes for the staffing, outsourcing, BPO, RPO and Human Cloud industry in Latin America and Asia Pacific respectively, announced the formation of a strategic alliance.

Emerging, the Latin American advisor in M&A processes for staffing, outsourcing, BPO, and Human Capital Solutions firms, together with HHMC, the consulting firm specialized in international industry knowledge and in M&A processes for the Asiatic industry, announced an strategic link to strengthen and expand their portfolios of services  in Latin America and Asia Pacific.

“We are thrilled to have the professionalism, knowledge and seniority of Rod Hore and Richard Hayward and form a global work team. Working with friends and professionals  like  Rod and Richard allows us to guarantee permanent presence in Asia Pacific with the highest global standards ”, commented Eugenio Micheletti  and Martín Padulla, directors of Emerging.

Rod Hore has extensive experience in Australia and Asia Pacific staffing sector, that he gained working for more than three decades in technology multinational companies and in the recruitment and staffing industry. Based in Perth, he is the Founder of HHMC and a source of permanent consultation for M&A processes in the region.

Richard Hayward has more than three decades of experience in the outsourcing, recruitment and advisory firms sector. Since 2003 he has been the Principal of HHMC. Based in Sydne y, he works with public and private staffing companies in innovative business strategies.

With their wide-ranging network of contacts between private employment agencies in Asia Pacific, Rod and Richard have a unique position and knowledge of the staffing industry business, highly valuable for Latin America companies interested in investing abroad.

For Emerging this constitutes the formation of its second strategic alliance during this year after the strategic alliance with Territoires Humanins to boost business between Latin America and Europe through the Paris-based firm, which was announced last June.

The announcement of the strategic alliance with HHMC makes it possible to further expand business opportunities and develop solid initiatives between Latin America and Pacific Asia.