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SIA Survey Looks at Internal Workforce Trends & Opinions Mountain View, California — April 30, 2019 — Staffing ...

SIA Survey Looks at Internal Workforce Trends & Opinions

Mountain View, California — April 30, 2019 — Staffing Industry Analysts (SIA), the global advisor on staffing and workforce solutions has released its North America Internal Staff Survey 2019 report. The 124-page report covers the findings from SIA’s seventh survey of the staffing industry’s internal employee workforce.

With close to 17,000 respondents from 228 staffing firms participating, the survey looked at employee opinions and workforce trends over a range of categories including working from home, professional development, vendor preferences, automation/outsourcing, compensation and more. Staffing firms can use this report to identify key drivers of internal staff satisfaction, to learn best practices in recruiting and retention, and to benchmark internal staff compensation.

According to key findings cited in the report, 29% of internal staff indicated that they currently work from home to at least some degree, compared to 23% in 2016. Individuals working from home are also doing so more often, spending a larger percentage of their time working remotely. Those with the option to work from home, regardless of whether they exercised the option, expressed higher levels of satisfaction through net promoter scores.

Respondents also expressed opinions on vendor preferences, with LinkedIn emerging as a top choice, followed by Indeed, Bullhorn, Salesforce and CareerBuilder, and were asked to share their thoughts on which routine tasks might be automated or outsourced, with twelve suggested areas identified.

“This is a big report– it’s pretty much one stop-shopping for information and advice on how to recruit, retain, and manage staffing firm internal staff,” said Jon Osborne, VP Strategic Research. “Additionally, the report includes tips from internal staff on how to operate staffing firms more effectively.”

The full North America Internal Staff Survey 2019 report is available for SIA Corporate and CWS Council Members.


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